Today there is

  • No connection between streaming platforms and marketplaces
  • No connection between brands and streamers
  • Streamer's impulse buying urge is not serviced
  • Small producers and brands are not capitalizing on the additional revenue potential
  • Streaming platforms and producers are kept outside the additional revenue loop

is the disruptive technology that

  • Provides a shortcut connecting streamers to the marketplace
  • Creates additional revenue stream for film producers, streaming platforms, brands, product producers
  • Increases the engagement and the hype between the streaming platforms, shows and its clientele
  • Provides alternative to product placement
  • Captures data analytics to give visibility to the consumer trends

provides a unique algorithm that connects the dots between today’s disconnected parties using AI.


Two Berliner geeks turned on by innovation and a flair for fashion, and film. They are out to shake the streamers with a POSE.

Ayşin Kuran Computer Engineer

Ayşin has extensive experience in creating ecommerce sites for various startups. Her start in the fintech world gives her a solid sense of building systems that are scalable and unbreakable.

She is a hopeful believer in change and continuous transformation.

She starts her day by checking out the new drops on her favorite fashion websites.

Jüliz Ritchie Mathematical Engineer & Film Producer

While Jüliz’s left brain was navigating the financial industry with her fintech skills, her right brain was wandering the film world.

She studied both mathematical engineering and films. These two skills and love matters took her from İstanbul to London, Bermuda and Berlin.